Thank you for showing interest in becoming an official bishounen! You’ve made the first move towards joining a unique cadre of performers. Our YaoiCon bishies have formed an internationally recognized show, something special and wonderful! Bishounen – or “bishies” – are more than just your average con attendee, cosplayer, or volunteer. The gentlemen who are selected as bishies not only cosplay for the convention, but actually strip down to their underwear for it, often getting up close and personal with attendees.

While YaoiCon attendees get the benefit of witnessing your glory in person, all of our bishounen will receive a plethora of perks:

  • Complimentary YaoiCon weekend badge
  • Discounted hotel room
  • Access to personal parlour room
  • Coverage of certain meals
  • Any tips made during YaoiCon weekend
  • A thank you gift
  • Advertising on all YaoiCon social media accounts

When you become a bishounen, you help make YaoiCon a one-of-a-kind convention. Applications are now open, so please apply below!