1. Where do I register?

Head on over to the registration page for more information about badge types, our Code of Conduct, and how to purchase! You may also reserve your hotel room now by clicking here. Please visit the site again then, and reserve your hotel room now by clicking here.

2. What if I have questions or problems with the form?

Please email us at registration@yaoicon.com for questions.

3. Do I have to pay when I register?

Payment is required at the time of registration to complete the registration process.

4. How long is Early Bird Registration available?

Early Bird Registration will be available until March 31, 2017, after which registration will be available at a higher rate.

5. When can I register online?

Early Bird Registration for $45: January 31st through March 31st
General Registration for $55: April 1st through August 15th
At the Door Registration for $65: August 16 through October 7th
VIP Registration for $110: available until supplies run out

6. Can I pay with cash or check?

We will only accept credit card payments through EventBrite.

7. Can I get a refund on my registration?

Unfortunately, no. Registrations are non-refundable. Badges that are not used during the current year’s YaoiCon can be used at the next YaoiCon, but may not be deferred again.

8. If I registered for YaoiCon 2016 but was unable to attend, can I use that registration to attend in 2017?

Yes. Please contact us at registration@yaoicon.com with your full legal name.

9. What if I purchased a VIP badge and can’t attend this year (2017)?

If you contact us before we sell out of 2018 VIP badges, you may transfer your 2017 VIP badge to 2018. Unfortunately, once the VIP badges sell out, we won’t be able to transfer the VIP portion of your badge to 2018 because of the limited nature of VIP badges. We WILL still be able to transfer your registration to a regular weekend badge for the next year if you request it.

10. Do I need to submit a copy of my picture ID when I register?

No. By registering, you agree that you will be 18 by the time of the convention, and that you will forfeit your payment if you are not of age or are unable to provide verification of your age or identity at the convention. Government issued photo ID will be required at the time of badge pickup.

11. What if I have a complimentary badge for past service at YaoiCon?

Please email us at registration@yaoicon.com with your name and the year you earned your half- or full-comped badge. We will provide you with further directions when we verify your eligibility.

12. When do I pick up my badge?

Thursday 10/5 from 4pm-8pm (PICKUP ONLY)
Friday 10/6 from 9am-8pm
Saturday 10/7 from 9am-8pm
Sunday 10/8 from 9am-12pm

13. What if I lose my badge?

Unfortunately, if you lose your badge, you will need to purchase a new one. You may also be held responsible if a minor or unauthorized person uses your lost badge to gain entrance to the convention. We will do our best to ensure that your badge and bracelet cannot be lost or removed, but you are responsible for your badge.

14. What is a government issued picture ID?

Examples include a driver’s license, passport, and state ID. The ID must have a photo and a D.O.B. to be accepted. A combination of documents may also be used (Birth Certificate plus photo school ID).

15. Are badges mailed to pre-registered attendees?

To protect our attendees, badges may only be picked up in person on-site at the convention.

16. What if I completed registration but didn’t get a confirmation email?

Please contact us at registration@yaoicon.com with your full name.

17. What’s the “Badge Name”?

This is the name that will be displayed on your badge (an alias or opportunity to try out that crazy new name). YaoiCon reserves the right to edit or remove any inappropriate badge names.

18. I purchased and Early-Bird Registration, is it possible to upgrade to my registration to a VIP Registration?

You may be able to upgrade your badge by paying the difference between the badge you purchased and the VIP Registration price of $110. This depends on the availability of VIP badges. Please contact us at registration@yaoicon.com to inquire.

19. Do I need to be a hotel guest to register for the convention?

No, you may register for the convention without having a reservation at the Hyatt Regency, although we recommend that you stay at the convention hotel for convenience!

20. If I purchase a single day pass at convention, am I able to upgrade it later?

No, unfortunately you will not be able to upgrade your badge and must purchase additional days on a single day basis. If you think you may want to come for more than one day, buy a weekend pass and save yourself some money!

21. I won’t be 18 when YaoiCon happens. Is there any way I would be able to attend?

While we’re thrilled you’re fans of the yaoi genre, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for you. California Penal Code 313-313.5 forbids it and holds any adult who allows you in accountable for it. You may read the Penal Code language here. We know it’s hard to wait, but we promise it will be worth it.

For questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to contact us at info@yaoicon.com or registration@yaoicon.com.


22. What are the requirements to participate as a Bishounen?

To participate as a Bishounen at Yaoi Con, you must identify as male. Full transition from female to male is not required for transgender Bishounen, however, any activities that involve removing clothing (Bingo, Auction), will require completed top surgery.

Participation in Auction does not require stripping, but it is often a part of the event. Auction is about the best performance; auditions are held and the top performers are selected for the main event.

Stripping is a primary part of Bingo. Those unable to participate in the activity are valuable support as helper Bishounen for the event.

Please contact our Bishounen department if you have any questions before you apply.