About Us

What is Yaoi?

Also known as “BL” (boys’ love), yaoi is a Japanese genre of fictional media (including manga, anime, novels, and dating sims) that focuses on homoerotic, romantic, and/or sexual relationships between male characters. Usually written by women for women, the genre also attracts some men readers. A closely-related concept is bara, also known as “ML” (men’s love), which is fictional media aimed at gay men. Despite their similarities, yaoi and bara are considered separate genres.

The term yaoi was coined in the 1980’s from the words “Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi” (山[場]なし、落ちなし、意味なし) meaning, “No peak (climax), no fall (punch line/denouement), no meaning”. In the West, yaoi has become an umbrella term for manga or Japanese-influenced comics with male/male relationships, and it’s the term used by American manga publishers for works of this kind. In Japan, yaoi is occasionally written as 801, which can be read as “yaoi” through Japanese wordplay. The short reading of the number eight (8) is “ya”; zero (0) is read as “oh” (a Western influence); and the short reading of one (1) is “i” (ee).


What is YaoiCon?

YaoiCon is a one-of-a-kind 18+ convention for fans of all things yaoi. Founded in 2001, the convention is run by dedicated staff and volunteers each year, and has been formally sponsored by Digital Manga, Inc., since 2012. YaoiCon delights attendees with unique programming and a fan-centric atmosphere, including (but not limited to) hosting a celebrated Guest of Honor, presenting industry and fan run panels related to the genre, and holding the iconic and not-to-be-missed Bishounen Auction. YaoiCon is the place for dedicated yaoi fans. Come join us this year at the lovely Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, for three days of risque and friendly fun!